Friday, July 23, 2010

Bad photos make great pictures...

I heard someone once say that bad photographs are often the best pictures... isn't that the truth?!  Here are some pics I snapped with my iPhone.  Not the best photographs, but they are sweet, sweet pictures!

~The Grant Gang

Thursday, July 22, 2010

My kind of boy!

I have very vivid memories of going to the lake as a little girl.  When I got tired, I loved to lay my towel down on the floor of the boat and take a nap...

I guess Noah is just like his mommy!  As soon as the boat stopped, N's eyes popped right open.  When we started back up, he fell right back asleep.  I gotta admit... I loved the snuggle time!

~The Grant Gang

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

the many Tongues of Noah

From the day Noah started teething (have I mentioned teeth?  um, yeah... try 5 in less than a month...), Noah as been all about the tongue action.  This kid clicks his tongue, rolls his tongue, sticks his tongue out, holds it at the roof of his mouth, etc etc etc.  Here are the many tongues of Noah!

~The Grant Gang

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Taking "water baby" to a whole new level

When we got back from swimming lessons on Friday, I hopped in the shower.  I often let N just play around in the bathroom with a few toys if he is awake while I am showering.  He was going about his business, as was I, until I felt his hand on my leg.  Sweet boy decided he needed to join me!

He was all smiles and giggles until I ran to go get my camera (how could I pass this amazing photo opp!??!)... then he turned into meltdown city.

I only got one half-way decent pic on my iPhone (go figure), so excuse the quality of one of them.  After I snatched the photos, I picked him up and held him while I finished rinsing the conditioner out of my hair. 

When we got out of the shower I snuggled him in a warm, cozy towel and he was back to smiles in no time!

~The Grant Gang

Finger lickin' good!

We have started to give Noah little chunks of some of the foods that he really likes in the hopes of getting him more and more tolerant of table food.  It sure makes things LOTS easier! 

There is just something so stinkin cute about a really messy, gooey, happy baby... so I had to take the obligatory messy-faced-in-the-highchair photo (ok, 15).

~The Grant Gang

Old Stompin' Grounds

Monday was the first day of "swimming lessons" with our play group friends and Noah is totally diggin' it! 

They are at the pool that momma lifeguarded, taught, and managed for several years back in the day, so it has been fun to be on the "other end" of the lessons.
I am not sure we are learning very much, but N is definitely getting to be quite the little water boy!

We are up to a very slow dunk (fully submerging his head) without him getting upset or coughing at all.  He just blinks really hard and stares at me, as if he is trying to say "Mom, really, was that necessary!?"

~The Grant Gang

Monday, July 5, 2010

My bestie got hitched in Colorado Springs this weekend, and the Grant Gang made the trek out there to join in on the fun!  We decided to drive for several reasons, mainly the $400/person airfare and the ridiculous amount of stuff we needed to bring for the wedding, the Bachelorette Party, and for Noah. We left on Tuesday afternoon, drove as far as we could make it (which ended up being Clayton, NM) and then completed the 720 mile drive on Wed.  Noah was SUCH a trooper.  He certainly wasn't thrilled about the car ride, but he he hung in there. 

We got to see my Grandmother, Aunt, and Uncle in Aurora on Wednesday evening, then headed back south to begin the wedding festivities.  Noah LOVED getting to see his Great Mor Mor (mainly her awesome walker... he thought it was the coolest toy ever) and getting to meet Uncle Russ and Aunt Linda.  They brought him a pretty cool toy, too, which ended up being one of his favorite things to play with the whole trip!

Thursday evening was Carrie's Bacheloretty Party... it was VERY Carrie.  We went to a wine and tappas bar, then headed back to the hotel bar to hang with her friends and family.  Definitely one of the most laid back bacheloretty parties I have ever been to, which was awesome!

On Friday we went to a local park.  Noah got to swing, and he was in heaven!  (maybe he was just really happy to get out of that darn hotel room!?)  Friday evening was the rehearsal dinner, and Noah, as always, was quite the ham.  He had everyone (literally) wrapped around his litle fingers by the end of the night!  Micah and I laughed when people came to say hi to Noah (greeting him by name)... and had no clue who we were.  ha!  Regardless of how tired he was, he always had enough energy to cheese it up and smile. 

Saturday was the big day.. hair, pictures, and wedding fun!  Carrie looked gorgeous, was on cloud nine, and was SUCH a chill bride.  BJ is a lucky dude...

Noah, as always, hammed it up on the dance floor.  Carrie's niece and nephew, Maeve and Cohen, joined N and had a blast! 

We headed back to Texas early Sunday morning in the hopes of making it back to A-town in one day... and we were successful!  Even N was excited to be home.. when we walked into his room (at 10pm) he got a big smile and started kicking his legs.  I guess even a 7 (2 hours away from 8) month old knows that there is no place like home!!

It was such a sweet weekend getting to stand up for my best friend and the love of her life, supporting them as the joined each other as husband and wife!  Somehow I didnt get a pic of them together on their wedding day, but I did get a pic of them muggin' down the night of her bacheloretty party! 

The Grant Gang