Monday, January 31, 2011

Our new obsession

Except it can't be diced... It can't be sliced... It can't even be whole but out of the peel. This dude is mighty sophisticated!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Floating Blueberries

Blueberries float... did you know that?  I learned this morning.

Noah woke up at 5:15 this morning... and never went back to sleep (I may need to consider forbidding his friendship with Travis).  Lovely!  I decided I wanted to take a shower while he was still awake so I could try to take a little snooze while he was napping, so I opted to just plop him in the shower with me.  He thought it was all sorts of fabulous!  I plugged up the drain after I shampooed and conditioned and washed, and we sat and played for a while... until I noticed a floating blueberry.  I'll let you use your imagination.  I jumped to my feet as fast as I could, hopped out, and got Noah out.  Of course, there were quite a few other floating bluberries hidden under his toosh, but atleast they hadn't fully contaminated the tub until I yanked us both out.

I grapped a wash cloth with some soap and wiped his body down to rid him of any residue, dried him off, then put him down so I could dry myself off.  He squated down, as he often does, I assumed to play with a bath toy.  Wrong.  He squated down to finish his business... guess I interrupted him when I yanked him from the tub.  So now we have blueberries in the tub, blueberries on the floor, and a wet momma and baby.  I put a little robe on Noah, wrapped a towel around me, then cleaned up the blueberries on the floor.  As I am doing this, Noah decides my socks and underwear need to go into the toilet (where the floor blueberries have been placed).  Really people, I couldn't make this stuff up. 

I finally got smart and left the mess, got Noah dressed, got myself dressed, and locked him in his (very babyproof) room for a few minutes so I could clean up the complete disaster in the bathroom.  And it wasn't even 8:00am yet. 

The kid is workin' on taking a nap (probably laughing hysterically about the chaos of the morning) and I, instead of napping, am off to take another shower. 

I spared you pictures of all the events (but don't think I didn't think about documenting!), but here is a picture after the madness.  Noah's smirk says it all.

~The Grant Gang

Friday, January 14, 2011

yo, yo, yo!

Baby G in 'da house!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Splish Splash!

Nothing like a fun bath with your buddy to end the day!

4 years

Today Micah and I celebrate our 4th Anniversary. I am so grateful to be married to this guy! He has sacrificed so much for me to be able to stay home with our little dumpledoo (R.I.P. Green Dragon). He works his tail off all day and STILL agrees to do the dinner dishes. He makes me laugh all the time (which is really annoying when I am mad at him!) and just adds a big 'ol smile to my everyday.
It absolutely melts me heart to see Micah with Noah. Everyb evening, when Noah heard the garage door, he gets a huge smile and runs towards the back door shouting "Dadadadada!". He will stand there at the door until Micah walks in. That alone tells you what kind of dad he is!
Happy Anniversary, beeb!! I love you tons. Here's to 4x4x4 more!

Friday, January 7, 2011

Christmas with Mor Mor

After the Stomach Bug of 2010 finally phased out of our family, we got to celebrate Christmas with Mor Mor and GPW!  It was fun having Christmas so spread out.  Mor Mor was still not feeling 100% so she decided to wait on the originally planned Prime Rib and make some yummy Beef Stroganoff instead.  My tummy was still happy!

Noah, as usual, loved playing at Mor Mor's.  She is always so much fun, and is quick to have the "Baw"s ready for him to play with.  In fact, she got Noah his very own bag full of 150 balls.  He kinda sorta loves them!

Noah also got his big boy car seat.... VERY exciting!  We have kept him in his bucket seat as long as possible, keeping him facing backwards.  His little (ok, long) legs have finally gotten about as long as the bucket could handle, so it was just in time.  He is already quite fond of it!  As you can see, he is quite creative and figured out a way to enjoy it when momma said we couldn't take it out of the box yet...

We opened presents from Great Mor Mor as well.  Noah loves his dump truck!

Micah and I got spoiled rotten, too, as usual.  We are pretty darned lucky to have so many people in our lives that love us so!

~The Grant Gang

Thursday, January 6, 2011

New kicks!

Lolly got Noah his first pair of Chucks... and they are so stinkin' handsome.

We headed outside to play last week after it finally got a little warmer... the weather had been pretty rainy and chilly.  Not condusive to playing outside.  Noah was THRILLED to be out there!

He found the little blow up pool filled with rain water and was entertained for quite a while splashing around.  My little water boy!!

~The Grant Gang

Bye, bye, baby.

Micah has been wanting to get Noah's hair cut for quite a while, but I have resisted... His hair is just so sweet, regardless of the rat tail/mullet he had going.  I finally gave in and we took him last week to get it trimmed up, and I am so glad we did.  He is so handsome now!

He did great.  I stuffed his face the entire time with his lunch, so I am sure that helped.  The fun little car he got to sit in didn't hurt either!

The lady who cut his hair was super sweet.  She even let him comb his own hair!

I did get a bit sentimental with the first piece she chopped off.... I may or may not have started to tear up.  Where did my baby go?!

Because he did so well, he was awarded with a dum dum.  Obviously he is WAY to preoccupied with his sucker to smile for the camera!

~The Grant Gang

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Toddler Time!

Today my sweet little baby toddler is 14 months old.  14 months.  Sounds so... not babyish. 

We decided to head to the park for a little bit this afternoon to feed the ducks.  This is a first for us, but I was pretty sure N would totally dig it because he loves all things animals.  Shoot, he laughs hysterically when he hears an animal noise, not to mention SEES an animal! 

The ducks did not disappoint.  Although Noah didn't quite grasp the concept of throwing the crackers to the ducks... he chose to eat them instead.  One duck HISSED at us.  Did you know ducks hissed?  I was offended.

Noah kept wanting to get VERY close to the water... I was trying hard to snap some pictures while keeping a death grip on his hand so he wouldn't fall in.

Then I realized, after he laid down on his stomach and started trying to scootch towards the water, that he was trying to get in!  My little water baby. 

Noah is full of life and energy.  People are always commenting on how much energy he has... hopefully that is not their tactful way of saying he is out. of. control. :-)  He plays harder than any little kid I have ever seen.  He is talking a lot these days... still not too many intelligible words, but a few.  He says down (dow), dad (dada), all done (ah duu), and ball (baw).  I am sure there are more that I just haven't figured out... learning toddler talk aint easy!  He points at everything, which is much easier than just throwing a fit because he isn't getting what he wants (which, don't get wrong, still happens!)  In the evening, when he hears the garage door open, he drops everything and runs to the door screaming "Dadadadada!" and stands at the door waiting for Micah to walk in.  It melts my heart every time.  He still isn't saying momma, which totally breaks my momma heart... but from what I hear, once he learns it, he won't stop saying it... so I should enjoy it while it lasts!  He still is finicky about what he eats, but his favorites are still blueberries and cheese.  He also totally loves his morning kefir. 

My life is so deeply enriched by this little life.  I am so thankful the Lord chose me to be his mommy!

~The Grant Gang