Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Parkin' it

The day after Christmas we were supposed to have round #3 of celebrating at my mom's house, but she got the nasty stomach bug.  :-( 

So, we postponed our celebration and headed to the park with Lolly and Posie instead.

It was crisp and sunny... a perfect winter day.

Noah had his first experience on a see-saw.  He loved it... as long as Lolly was close by!

But over all the toys and fun equipment, Noah's favorite thing is to just walk around and feel the wind on his face.  He giggles every time!!

xoxo, ~The Grant Gang

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Happy Birthday, Jesus!

Christmas is always such a FULL part of the year.  Full of smiles, full of gifts, full of family, and full of activity.  This year was no different! 

Christmas Eve was a dreary, rainy day, so we were thankful we invited the whole clan to us!  Noah even got a present from Lolly a little bit early.  We've named him Clarence for now... and he loves Clarence!

Despite what this looks like, Noah was enjoying Clarence!

Lolly feeding Noah something that he probably isn't supposed to be eating... :-)
Christmas morning was quick at our house, but we still had time to open a few gifts.  Noah loved his tunnel that was waiting for him when he woke up. He also loved tearing into his other presents.  He was so excited, he had NO interest in eating breakfast. Pretty smart lil' dude!

We packed up all our stuff in the car (and I mean PACKED) and headed to Lolly and Popsie's.  We had a super delish breakfast (and Noah still refused to eat... he knew he had presents to open!) and then opened Noah's presents before heading he took a nap.  He got a zoo membership.... I am not sure who is more excited!!

Around noon, we headed to Cappy and Atti's for round #2.  It was a full house!  My cousins (who are in 4th and 5th grade) absolutely love Noah, which was really nice for momma :-)  He, as usual, loved being in the center of all the activity.  He got a super fun slide (that he is obsessed with!) and one of my childhood favorite books, among other fabulous gifts!

By the time we got home, my voice was totally gone and we were all pooped.  Noah was in bed by 7:00 and I followed shortly after.  This Christmas business takes WAY more energy these days!

Merry Christmas, and Happy Birthday Jesus!

~The Grant Gang

Monday, December 27, 2010

Stomach Flu 2010

On Thursday, December 16 our playgroup got together for a little pre-Christmas celebration.  Lots of fun was had, and lots of things were exchanged... including germs.  On Friday afternoon I got very sick very quickly and Noah followed a few hours later.  After talking to a few friends, I found out I was not the only one.  In fact, as of today, over 25 people have been infected by this nasty virus!!!  Gara and I, laughing (because what ELSE can you do!?) at the absurdity of the situation, decided to make a flow chart.  Lovey says we need a hobby... whatev.  Luckily, we all recovered super quickly and weren't out of commission for very long!

 ~The Grant Gang

He's got the blues

Blueberries, that is!  This kid Can't. Get. Enough!

~The Grant Gang

Thursday, December 16, 2010

4 years

Today Micah and I celebrate our 4th Anniversary. I am so grateful to be married to this guy! He has sacrificed so much for me to be able to stay home with our little dumpledoo (R.I.P. Green Dragon). He works his tail off all day and STILL agrees to do the dinner dishes. He makes me laugh all the time (which is really annoying when I am mad at him!) and just adds a big 'ol smile to my everyday.
It absolutely melts me heart to see Micah with Noah. Everyb evening, when Noah heard the garage door, he gets a huge smile and runs towards the back door shouting "Dadadadada!". He will stand there at the door until Micah walks in. That alone tells you what kind of dad he is!
Happy Anniversary, beeb!! I love you tons. Here's to 4x4x4 more!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Headband Divadude

Noah found my headbands this morning. He loved them! He kept bringing them to me so I could put them on his head. Pretty sure this picture will fall under the category of "Muth-eeeeeer!" in about 15 years!

Friday, December 10, 2010

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

He sweetens our ugliness

On Monday night, some of the girls from our Sunday School class gathered for an Tacky Christmas Sweater Cookie Exchange.  Super fun!  I made some really yummy Peppermint Chocolate Thumbrints with Ganache filling (they won Best Overall Cookie!!), borrowed a lovely sweater from my mom (thanks, MorMor!) and headed off.

I'm telling y'all... there were some pretty awesome sweater ensembles.  The best was Brooke, who had lovely little hair bows to match, and April, who MADE her tacky sweater.  It was awesomeness. 

However, the awesomeness of the sweaters did not even compare to the awesomeness of the cookies.  These women have SKILLS! 

Before we started sampling, Brigette said a little blessing and reminded us that our tacky sweaters were a lot like us.... ugly.  But lucky for us, God gave us His Son to sweeten the deal.  The sweetness of Jesus and His amazing grace far outshines the ugliness of our sinful lives.  She encouraged us to "Taste and see that God is good."  (Psalms 34:8)  I loved the parallel!  I am so glad to get to live with these women... Godly, sweet, real women! 

~The Grant Gang