Monday, February 28, 2011

Right at home: The Zoo

We had a day trip to the zoo with some of our besties, and it was a hoot.  Seriously.  We were all ready to leave our kiddos with the monkeys and just call it a day, but we had a blast!

Noah found himself a new girlfriend.

But when he started talking other people, she wasn't too pleased.

Noah met some new friends...

Climbed ALL over the place...

Cuddled with some statues...

And saw some fun animals up close and personal...

Noah had SO much fun at the zoo (actually, he just took the top off his cup and spilled the entire thing all over his shirt/pants... which he thought was hilarious), we had to strip down for our ride home.  He didn't seem to be too disappointed.

~The Grant Gang

Sunday, February 27, 2011

A boy and his toys

I've had this conversation with several people... how do boys learn to become, well, BOYS?!  Noah is fascinated with all things boyish.  Trash, tools, parts to random things... he loves them all.  We were playing outside and Noah came my tissue.

Mmmmmmm, TISSUE!

Next, it was a faucet doubler. 
I mean, seriously, what COOLER toy could a kid have than a FAUCET DOUBLER?!

It kinda makes me happy that he finds joy in such simple things. 

And that they can comfort him during a nap...

~The Grant Gang

Saturday, February 26, 2011

ALL day with a friend!

We had the pleasure of hanging out with our friend Landon for a WHOLE DAY!  His momma was in bind while she worked, so we offered to to let him come play.  The boys had a blast!  I did a crummy job of taking pictures throughout the day, but caught a few cute moments.

Landon was all about Sesame Street while Noah was taking a morning nap.  I didn't know kids sat still that long?!

Noah and Landon taking a little drink break together.

Playing "supervisor".


I SEEEE you!

~The Grant Gang

Friday, February 25, 2011

The Big Snow

Please excuse me as I play catch up and clean up the camera :-) I've been a little exhausted busy growing a baby and chasing around a toddler.

As I mentioned several weeks ago, Texas was hit with some crazy winter weather.  First came the big ice storm.  It was nuts... EVERYTHING was covered in ice for days.  School was out for 4 days in a row... pretty sure that is a record 'round these parts.  Noah was SURE he wanted to play in it... until he took ONE step onto the crunchy grass. 

Daddy took a moment to try to tell him all was well...

And it finally worked.  So many fun things to play with!!

We tried to not to go stir crazy, knowing that there was more weather expected the next week.  The weather guys were right... again... but this time it was SNOW!  Way more fun than the nasty ice.  This time Noah was MUCH more confidant! (perhaps it is snazzy rain boots?!)

He scooped...

And he felt...

And he swung....

And then he fell.  Fun's over!

~The Grant Gang

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

How Fuzzy's changed my life

ok, I guess Fuzzy's didn't change my life, but my life changed at Fuzzy's.  Seriously, it's true. 

New Year's Eve morning (December 31, 2010) I ventured out to the grocery store to pick up some treats to take with us to the lake as we celebrated the entrance of a new year.  Chips? check.  Dip? check. Fruit and eggs for breakfast? check.  Micah's favorite beer? check.  My favorite beer? check.  Pregnancy test? check. (I guess I should explain... my basal body temp had been high for two weeks, a sign of pregnancy, but I had also had a nasty cold for two weeks, which I figured was the explanation of the high temp.  I was also a day late for a normal 28 day cycle, but it was only my 4th cycle since getting pregnant with Noah, so the cycle length had been all over the place.  Just wanted to be sure I didn't beer my unborn kid. ;-))

After leaving the store, I ran over to Fuzzy's to pick up some legendary breakfast tacos for Micah and I.  Not the healthiest option out there (ok, not healthy at all) but it meant no cooking for momma, so I was all about it.  I decided to take the pregnancy test into Fuzzy's so I could take it and toss it without freaking Micah out.  I ordered and headed to the bathroom.  I realize it is a bit odd to take a pregnancy test in the Fuzzy's bathroom stall, but whatev!  I peed on the stick and sat there for a minute before even really looking at it... for the most part, it was just a formality so I could drink my tasty beer that I just purchased.  And then I saw this.

How does one go home and tell their husband that they found out they were pregnant in a Fuzzy's bathroom stall?  One goes home, in total shock, and pretty much just shoves it in his face before he even adjusts to me having walked in the door.  :-)  Talk about romantic.  I think I win the prize for finding the most creative way to tell your hubby about the new bundle of joy.

Our sweet little Fuzzy Grant is due early-mid September (the exact due date is a secret) and we could not be more excited.  The Lord planned this child, no doubt, and I can't wait to see what big plans He has in store for Fuzzy! 

~The Grant Gang

Friday, February 4, 2011

Hats on!

We've had some crazy weather round these parts the last few days.  School has been cancelled for 4 days because of the ice and cold temps (we haven't been above freezing since early Tuesday morning), and there hasn't been much getting out of the house!  I think Noah is getting a bit bored because he is finding very interesting ways to entertain himself... this morning it was hats!  First it was just one hat... he brought it to me to put on him. 

Then he took that one off and brought me another.

And another.

Then he brought me another, but when I went to take the hat he was wearing off, he got sad. So I just piled them on.

And on.

A boy's gotta have his fun!

~The Grant Gang