Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Veggies out my ears!

For a few months I have been looking in to various produce co-ops in the metroplex... the thought of having a large supply of fresh produce and veggies seemed very appealing!  So, when Gara mentioned joining the Arlington Produce Co-Op, I didn't have to think twice.
The truck after our first stop.... we still had more to pick up!
This Saturday was our second batch of produce and somehow I got volunteered to go "shopping" for the whole group.  Another lady and I drove out to Dallas at a ridiculously obscene hour (5am!) to get our fruit and veggies for the whole group.  I looked like a total stud, too, driving Micah's big ol' diesel work truck. :-)

All of our loot.  The Hill family gets half, we get half.  Kinda hard to share!!
With all of this fresh yumminess comes new dishes... a few of the things we have gotten I have never cooked before!  Most notable is Kale Chips (who knew veggies could taste better than Ruffles?), Plantain Bread, Spaghetti Squash Alfredo, and tomatilla salsa. 
Tomatillo salsa
Kale chips
I feel so domestic!

~The Grant Gang

Monday, August 30, 2010

Water Man

A few weeks ago we met some friends up at a little sprinkler park a few miles from the house. I did not even know this place existed, and I am so glad we found it!  N made tons of friends, ate lots of sticks and bark(because he's all boy, and that's what boys do), and played in all the sprinkler structures.  This kid is such a water baby... imagine that. :-) 

~ The Grant Gang

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Who, me?!

Noah is 9, almost 10 months old.  He is all boy... and loves getting into trouble.  He also loves to play the "Who? Me? I wasn't doing anything wrong!" card.  Watch this... and then try to tell me he does not know right from wrong...

The Grant Gang

Monday, August 16, 2010

Meet my boss!

I woke up this morning, and as I was getting ready for work, I heard my boss calling for our morning meeting.  I walked into his office, and this is how I was greeted:

Could it get any better?

Today is the first day back for most of my teacher friends.  It is also the first first day I have not had to experience in 6 years.  I have a new job... my dream job.  It's hard.  It's exhausting.  And there's no time off.  But guess what?  It's the best dang job I could ever imagine having.  I get to see this little dude learn, grow, and experience the world.  I couldn't be more thankful for the hard work Micah puts in every day, along with the sacrifices he makes, so I can stay home with N and be mommy. 

There is a small part of me that misses having that identity... knowing I am good at something and be recognized for that.  But that small part of me forgets pretty darn quickly when I get a peek of this...

~The Grant Gang

Thursday, August 12, 2010

(Un)Relaxing at the Beach

After our big city adventure, we headed up the East Coast to Noank, Connecticut to visit Micah's grandmother, uncle, several other distant relatives, and some long time friends of Lolly and Popsie who happened to be in the area.  None of them had met Noah yet, so it was quite a treat!  We stayed in this beautiful home on Beebe Cove, which feeds into Mystic River, which feeds into the Atlantic.  We could see sail boats go by all day.  It was gorgeous! 

Noah also got his first taste of the ocean and the beach.  He looooved the sand, but wasn't a fan of the cold water.  I swear, this kid is ALL boy!

Noah hasn't quite realized that vacation is for resting and relaxing... infact, he was so excited (or just totally over being away from home..!), he woke up every hour all night long every night we were there!  Phew!! Aside from the lack of sleep aspect, we had such a great time visiting the family and spending time with Lolly and Popsie, Tita Mandy and Uncle Jason, and the Davis's!

~The Grant Gang

Friday, August 6, 2010

3/4 of a year!

Yesterday was Noah's 9 month birthday.... seriously!?  I know, super cliche, but where has the time gone?!  I guess it's been spent traveling the US, charming all the ladies, and eating anything he can get his hands on....

Noah is SO curious.  Everything intrigues him... people's faces, nature around him, animals... you name it, he's interested.  Of course, everything he finds he intially explores by doing a taste test. :-)  He is still quite the chamer and people person.... he can be crabby and tired, but if there a lot of people around, he perks right up.  Definitely the life of the party!  He loves to laugh, and laughs quite easily.  I have yet to meet someone who does not comment on what a happy baby he is (I may need to remind him of that when he is 16 and grounded...).   Noah gets so excited to see his Daddy every evening when he comes home from work, and thinks he is one of the funniest people around.  He has also just started to get "alarmed" (ie: doing a fast scan of the room) if he is being held by someone else and I go out of site, but hasn't  had too many melt downs when he is left.  But despite how much he loves other people, everyone comments on how he is a momma's boy... and I couldn't be happier.

Noah is eating tons of stuff, but his current favorites are Kefir, cottage cheese, frozen peas and carrots, and cheerios.  He gets very frustrated if I try to feed him his entire meal, so we are really trying to increase the amount of finger foods he is eating.  He eats shredded chicken at dinner most nights and loves it.  He also ate dog food for the first time today... and (I cant believe I am putting this in writing) loved it!

I cant imagine our life without this little guy.  It hasn't come without sacrifice, but I consider it an absolute honor to be his momma, his playmate, his caretaker, and his teacher.  What a stinkin' awesome job.

~The Grant Gang

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Planes, Trains, and Automobiles

Back in December we were supposed to go on a family vacay with 20 of our closest relatives to NYC.  Unfortunately, we got snowed out due to the big blizzard of 2009 and our trip got cancelled.  Noah missed getting to fly for the first time at the old age of 6 weeks. 

Fast forward 7 1/2 months.   Here we are, ready for our first plane trip to the big apple, the official "re-do" of our family vaycay. 

The plane ride went really well.... lots of snacks, lots of nursing (sorry to all the random people who got an un-requested sneak peak), lots of toys, and lots of walks up and down the aisle resulted in a tear free adventure.  Noah made tons of friends (imagine that) even though he slept a whoppin 20 minutes. 

Then we got to the exciting part of the trip... a 2 hour, 9 mile Super Shuttle ride from the airport to our hotel.  Um, trafific much? Luckily I found these super cool, all organic baby food pouches that kept the smile on N's face for another 2 hours (still no nap).  He was SO excited to see Cappy and Atti at the hotel!

Over the course of the next two days and nights, we traveled the city in (miserably hot) style.  We chartered a bus for the whole fam to ride around in so that Mimi could see the city with the rest of us (she needs a wheelchair if there is a lot of walking). 

In theory it was a great idea, until the AC went out the bus.  I never knew hot until I had a radiator clinging to me, wanting to be held, in a bus with no flowing air while it was 95 degrees outside.  Luckily, my personal heater fell asleep as we were out seeing something (note: this is the first real nap of the trip and it is Saturday afternoon at 2:00... we left Friday at 7:00am) and I was able to air out a bit.

Noah loved getting to see his Aunt Jenn, Uncle Ronnie, Aunt Chelyn, Uncle Buck and of course Atti and Cappy!!! 

The highlight of the trip was two fabulous dinners and two Broadway shows on Fri & Sat evening.  Noah loved dinner because just about every family member held him at some point, often taking him for a walk to meet a new friend.  Atti was his favorite... she took him to the bar for his first time where he met his first girlfriend, Mya.  We didn't get a picture of Mya, but I know he will always remember her!  Here's a few pictures of all the things Noah got to do at dinner time...

N also got his first taste of chicken nuggets and french fries... and I about freaked out.  HA!  I asked the waiter if we could have a small amount of chicken for N.  Never did I think to specify baked or steamed  chicken.  Noah was very thankful.  :-) 

We saw a Kristin Chenoweth at this cute little Italian place and my cousin and I decided to be the obnoxious tourists and ask for a picture.  She was SO super sweet and tinier and cuter in person.  If I wouldn't have been star struck, I would have gotten a picture with her and N instead of her and me, but I was giggling like a school girl and I momentarily forgot about my first born. 

Unfortunately, we got the boot after dinner because NYC doesn't believe babies can handle Broadway (I owe them a Thank You card for not having to try to keep an 8 month old happy and quiet hours past his bed time), so our evenings ended a tad bit early.  We did, however, get to escape for a few hours after Cappy and Atti got back from the show and went to the Empire State Building to see the city at midnight.  A storm moved in while we were at the top and we got to see a lightening show from the 103rd floor.  It was, to say the least, breathtaking!

Although the NYC leg of our trip was short, it was pretty sweet.  Being able to go on a trip with all the cousins, aunts, uncles, brothers, and sisters was pretty special, and I hope that we get to do it again! 

On Sunday afternoon it was time to say goodbye to NYC and head to Mystic, CT to visit Micah's grandmother and uncle.  We thought taking the train would be a fun, relaxing way to make the trip.  Um, WRONG!  Little did we know, we were going to be traveling on a commuter train. (Perhaps our first clue should have been when we tried to check our luggage and we were told that the train we were riding didn't allow checked luggage?) I SO wish we had this documented in pictures so we could remember how absolutely ridiculous we must have looked getting onto a COMMUTER train with a baby, a car seat, a stroller, two suit cases, a duffle bag, a back pack, a diaper bag and a purse.  And of course, there were no two seats together.  Oh, and there was also no room for our luggage in one spot.  And Noah was crying.  It took everything I had to not just sit down in the aisle of the train and cry with him!  Somehow, we made the three hour train ride without becoming intoxicated, and were so excited for our "relaxing" stay at the beach that was to come....  more on that later!

~The Grant Gang