Wednesday, October 27, 2010

I'm not lion... doesn't get ANY cuter than this.

xoxo, ~The Grant Gang

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Seize the Day (Translation: it's a party... and I'M invited!)

I am seriously behind in blogging, but I had to write this while it was fresh on my mind/heart.  I have lots of ridiculously precious things to share about this cool dude that has lived at our house for almost a year (!!!!!!!), but those will have to wait till next week tomorrow.

It's no secret that I think pretty fondly of our church.  They love on their members like nobody's business.  They support us, teach us, and encourage us.  Today was no exception.  Our pastor spoke at MomTIME on "Being a Healthy Mom".  Dr. Wiles has this way of speaking ... like he is speaking to YOU.  It's a gift for sure.  He spoke on needing to be spiritually fed (as he reminded us... we are still "eating for two"), keeping healthy relationships, and allowing yourself to be led (by Christ).  But, the thing that struck me the most was his instructions to Seize the Day. 

It is really sweet to hear someone beyond my stage of life reflect back onto where I am now.  The things they say often seem so profound to me.  For instance... when Noah was 6 months old someone said, "You will miss the sleepless nights of rocking your baby to sleep."  I thought... "umm, yeah, right!"  And then he started to sleep through the night.  And guess what?  I missed that cuddle time... the time when he needed ME to make everything better.  Hearing people reflect back onto this stage of life and talking about what they wished they had done grounds me.  It helps me to center my thoughts on what is truly important.

"All your preschoolers know how to do is have fun!" Dr. Wiles exclaimed.  "So join them!  They wake up every morning ready to party... and YOU are invited."  Wow.  What a unique perspective!  It made me think of Noah when I go to get him in the morning... he literally bounces up and down in excitement.  He has a grin from ear to ear, and squeels as I pick him up.  His party had already started, and his first guest just arrived!  Who am I to spoil that for him?

I think of the people whom I enjoy being around the most, and each of them are people who know how to have fun.  I rarely am attracted to someone because of their amazing ability to get all of the laundry done, clean their house, and have a hot dinner on the table all while looking like they just stepped out of a salon (although, I wouldn't mind having them as a friend so they could share some tips!).  I am drawn to people who laugh, who play, and who enjoy life.  

At a recent book study, we were asked what we want to teach our sons.  I instantly thought, "To not take life too seriously."  Perhaps I had some sort of unfortunate event that day with a grumpy store clerk, but I meant it.  I want Noah to know how to work hard, but I also want him to enjoy life! So how do I teach him that?  I think it starts with me (imagine that).  I feel like I am pretty good at having fun... I love being goofy, and I love to laugh.  However, I am also good at getting stressed out.  For instance... I taught a cupcake decorating class to 35 kids ranging from Kindergarten-6th grade.  Joyce, who normally teaches it with me, was out of town so I was flying solo (I did have some volunteers, who were a big help, but they didnt really know what was going on).  I walked away feeling frazzled and a mess.  Why?!  The kids giggled as they got food coloring on their hands.  They concentrated as they piped dots on the lady bugs. The kids ran out of that cafeteria eager to show their parents their beautiful works of art.  They were covered in icing and smiles.  I should have been smiling and laughing right along side them!  So what if we ran out of yellow icing?  One sweet group decided to make brown instead.  So what if the icing bag technique didn't work?  They loved the look of the squished flower petals!  I should have just taken a hint from them and seized the day... enjoyed the moment... treasured the time. 

I am sure that I will still get stressed over the mounds of laundry, the hardened food crustified to the floor under Noah's highchair, and the house cluttered with toys.  But today was my reminder that I need to take transfer those things from my list of things worthy of being stressed about to my list of things to have fun with.  After all... it's a party, and I've been invited!

~The Grant Gang

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

What did daddy put in your bottle?!

I don't think I brag on my husband enough.  All around, he is a good guy.  And his fathering abilities?  Let's just say that my heart melts every time I see him with Noah... it never gets old. 

Micah is amazing about letting me get out every now and then to have some good girl time.  A group of us gathered for Gara's 2nd anniversary of her 29th birthday and M and N had some good male bonding time.  I am not sure what they did (or what daddy put in his bottle!), but N was OUT when I got home.  I was going to nurse him so I didn't have to pump (I loathe that thing), but after walking in the room, turning on the light and taking this picture, he did not move an inch.  This kid... how can he be so stinkin' cute?!

~The Grant Gang

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

It's no secret that I am some crazy, super talented friends.  Gara is no exception.  She had a photoshoot at the Dallas Arboretum last week and invited us to go along so she could snap a few pics of Noah in the pumpkins.... obviously, I was all over it. 

When we got there, Gara was busy doing her thang, so we sat down to eat lunch.  Noah, being Noah, got food all over his cute little white polo, so we decided to stick with the theme and go shirt-less.  I mean, when is it more appropriate to where overalls with no shirt but in a field full of pumpkins and hay!? Don't judge.

So without further ado,  here is Farmer Noah. 

~The Grant Gang

Monday, October 4, 2010

The first of many...

...trips to the park!  Joyce called and invited us to an impromptu trip to the park with Austin, Jonathon, Melanie & Corinne.  I am starting to love impromptu play dates... my life is so planned these days, so it adds a little excitement to the day!  Aren't you jealous?  I am totally living on the edge..

Jonathon doing what he does best!
Austin playing peek-a-boo.  He thought it was hilarious!
Noah showin' off his Rangers pride to Tita
Miss Corinne... sweet, sweet Corinne!
Not sure who had more fun... the kids or the mommas.  I think the only thing that means is that there will be many, many more of these to come!  I forgot my camera (imagine that... post baby me, forgetting something!?) but my handy dandy phone came to the rescue.   

~The Grant Gang

and he's off!!

I've been a total slacker with the blogging business, so I am going to be trying to play catch up.  We've been super busy enjoying the gorgeous weather the Sky Boss has blessed us with the last week or two.... I think He is trying to make up for the torture he made us endure this summer. :-)

Now for the big news.... N-Man is walking!  Last Sunday, September 26, Noah started to really walk.  He had been taking steps for a week or two, but never really gathered up the courage to piece together more than a few wabbly steps.  Then he woke up on Sunday, and hasn't looked back.  Here is a video of him in the backyard on Sunday night showing off his new skills. 

I know what you are all thinking.... if I thought I was busy before, just wait.  It has only been a week, and I've already figured that out.... and I kinda sorta love it!

~The Grant Gang