Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Knit Together

My dear friend Gara (of Gara Hill Photography) snapped a few maternity pictures for us last night after someone pointed out to me that Ruthie Grayce might be a little sad to know that I had pictures done with Noah, but not with her... and I am SO glad that I did.  She sent a few teasers today, and I am in love!

As I shared in my Mother's Blessing post, I along with several friends and family members, have been sporting a sweet little purple yarn bracelet.  I feel like I need to explain the activity to get the beauty and meaning behind a few of these pictures...

We all sat in a circle and Joyce began by passing around the ball of yarn, explaining that it signified the connection I have to the sweet baby in my belly, along with the bond we (Ruthie Grayce and I) have with each of the women sitting in the room and how they represent the body of Christ in my life.  We then passed around the scissors, and we each cut a piece of the yarn and tied it around our wrists/ankles.  Joyce explained that by wearing the yarn, they would be reminded to pray for Ruthie Grayce, for me, and for the upcoming labor/birth, and signifying their belief in God's ultimate plan in Ruthie Grayce's arrival.  The bracelet would serve as a reminder to me of the prayers and support we have as we enter this phase of our life.  When I go into labor, each person will cut off the bracelet, praying for us as they do so.  I have found myself encouraged and strengthened by wearing this bracelet... being reminded of the amazing community you are surrounded by is such a powerful thing!

This is "Part A" of a photo series... after Ruthie Grayce arrives, we will have another photo to go along side this one... I am so excited about it!

~The Grant Gang

Friday, August 12, 2011

Mother's Blessing

Gara and Joyce, two of my bestest friends, hosted one of the sweetest evenings I have experienced in a very long time in honor of Ruthie Grayce and I.  It was a small group consisting of those closest to me who have prayed for and with me throughout this journey.  The evening was perfect, from the delicious food....

to the beautiful flower arrangement...

Each person brough a flower or two to add to the arrangement, signifying the uniqueness of our relationship.  I will dry and preserve these and put them in the nursery.

and the basket of pamper presents....

Joyce said she almost brough a 6-pack of beer instead of a bottle of wine... how well does she know me?!

and the yarn bracelets to remind us all to pray for Ruthie Grayce...

to the box of cards filled with encouraging scripture, CDs, quotes and stories for me to read and pray with...

Courtney painted this, too.  She is all sorts of amazing!

all to serve as encouragement for the last few weeks of my pregnancy, for labor, and for birth.  My dear friend Courtney also painted a blessing tree to hang in Ruthie Grayce's nursery.  Everyone at the shower adorned a branch with their finger prints, indicating their part of her life early on.  It is something that I already treasure dearly, and I hope will serve as an encouragement to her in the future showing her how many people prayed for her before she was even born.

The most touching, special part of the evening was when all of the women prayed over Ruthie Grayce and I.  Just writing about it makes me tear up.  The joy it brought to my heart is something words can not express!   

 I am constantly in awe of the community the Lord as put in my life.  These women make me a better mom, a better wife, a better friend, and a better follower of Jesus.  I can not imagine traveling this journey without them all by myself.  There is something so powerful about going into a lifechanging event (like having a  baby :-)) banketed in scripture, prayer, and love.  I am so thankful for the strength they give me!!

All of my moms!

Krista H. and Courtney

My midwife, Cindy, and I

Mandy, my sister-in-law sister and I

Corey and Holly, both long time friends that I have reconnected with in the last few years.  Sweet, sweet friendships!

The girls behind the evening, Gara and Joyce

~The Grant Gang

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Like Mother, Like Son... Finally!

There are very few physical things in Noah that resemble me.... Everyone who meets him is quick to comment on how he is a "mini Micah"... And they are right. But today, I notices something that is all me!

Since I was a little baby, the first place I will sweat is my upper lip. I get these lovely little sweat beads that just stay there.... They don't drip. While Noah was playing today, I noticed the sweetest, cutest little sweat beads on his upper lip. It made my heart so happy!

Friday, August 5, 2011

Yikes! It's been a long time...

I have had quite a bit of time lately to blog, but haven't... because I don't know where to begin!  My last blog post was over two months ago, and even then there were things I had not posted.  Eeek!   So, for now, I am just going to start where we are.  I'll do some out of order posts when I get pictures loaded (our desktop has been out of commission for a while because we relocated our office area to the kitchen... more on that later), but for now I'll just blog about life as it is :-)

For the past 5 weeks I have been on some form of bed rest due to early labor junk.  Lots of discomfort and lots of contractions are not welcomed at 30 weeks pregnant!  It's been a huge, huge lesson in life for me... how to slow down, how to ask for help and in turn let people help me, and how stinkin' grateful I am for the friends and family who have offered (without ever being asked, because I suck at that!) to help.  From watching and playing with Noah (who thinks this whole bedrest thing is AWESOME because he gets to go on a new adventure pretty much every day) to bringing us food to offering to run errands for us... we would be in a world of hurt without all the help.  It has amazed me how awesome Micah has been through all of this... talk about a man who can do it all!  He has kept the house looking tidy, done the laundry, played mom AND dad, and worked a full time job.  Despite his new nickname for me ("Master"),  he has done all of this graciously, never making me feel bad.  I am sure he will be SO thankful when he is relieved of all of his extra duties!!

We have made quite a bit of progress in the past few weeks with baby girl's nursery, and I actually have all of her clothes washed and hung.  I've completed a few craft projects for the room, too!  It's amazing what can be accomplished when you are stuck in bed :-)

Next week I will be 36 weeks, which is the official "safe" time for Ruthie Grayce to make her arrival... so at that point I will be sprung and will just do as much as I am capable of doing.  I am SO looking forward to spending some time with my little man, enjoying the last few weeks of our time together as partners in crime.  Prayers are appreciated for her to stay put for several more weeks even though it is "safe" for her to come!!
~The Grant Gang