Sunday, October 30, 2011

Quiet Book Swap

A Quiet Book example

For you moms on Pinterest, have you seen the Quiet Books floating around?

Quiet Books are these awesome books made of felt with a simple activity sewn onto each page. Kids can tie a shoe, learn to count, works snaps, play with zippers, fiddle with buckles, sort colors and match shapes.

There's a great introduction to quiet books at How to Make a Quiet Book.

I would LOVE to make one of these but am a bit overwhelmed at the time it would take to create all of the fun pages. So, why not host a swap and hopefully cut down on the cost and workload?! And, it will be just in time for the perfect Christmas present.

A quiet book pages swap will work like this:

Each participant will make 20 (or less, depending on how many people sign up - we will cap it at 20) of the same quiet book page. Hopefully this will streamline the creating process and save money on the cost of materials. We will then get together and swap all of our pages until we have a fun book filled with awesome quiet book pages.

We have pre-chosen 20 different pages to ensure that there's a variety. We've tried to pick pages that teach a concept or can be played with creatively so that there's something for the child to do on each page.  (We may choose to just assign a skill, rather than a specific page, to allow some creative liberty.  Those details will be given after people sign up!)

**NOTE: All pages do involve some sewing and ironing fusible webbing.**

Want to participate?
  1. Email me ( by Saturday, November 5th and let me know you'd like to sign up. Please let me know if you're comfortable with sewing a more intricate page or if you'd prefer something straightforward and simple.
  2. We will then assign everyone a page. We will be emailing you with your specific page, instructions and links to any directions/templates to help you along.
  3. Everyone will then have about a month create their pages. We will be getting together some time at the beginning of December to exchange our pages.  Specific date to follow.
  4. Out of towners are more than welcome to participate - you'll just have to cover the cost of shipping & handling via Priority Mail.
**This idea is taken from Still:Living

~The Grant Gang

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