Thursday, November 3, 2011


I am not sure why, but this Halloween brought me more joy than I can remember having in quite some time.  This is the first 'holiday' (if you can call it that) that I think Noah actually got it.  He dressed up in his Uncle Buck's costume from when he was 2, over 30 years ago!

Ruthie Grayce dressed up as a lady bug... she was pretty lovable, I must say!

I wasn't quite sure how trick or treating would go, but he loved it.  We trucked over to the Hill's and headed out pretty early (6:00... the kid's bedtime is 7:30!). 

Evidently that's uber early in the trick-or-treat world.  The first 3-4 houses we went to no one was home. Sad day!

Hoping to boost moral, we switched directions and headed the other direction.  Pretty sure the first house we got to answer the door was a sweet old lady who had nothing but a bowl of unwrapped candy corn... and pretty sure we let our kids take a handful.  Definitely file that one under "things I swore I'd never do"!  But, we had to let the boys have some success!  N thought it was awesome and consumed more sugar there on the spot than he probably has his entire life!

He may have been the only not-even-2 year old in town that had no problem going to the door by himself, saying the obligatory "tickateet!", then saying "day-doo" after scoring some loot with very little promptint from the adult audience.  I was really impressed. 

Ruthie Grayce was unimpressed.... she slept through the whole thing.

I loved seeing my litte dude be so independent, so confindant, and so brave.  Love this kid... and he loves his suckers!

~The Grant Gang

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